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Opened 20 December 2013, Closed 5 January 2014 at the Lilian Baylis Studio in London.

Travelling Light and Bristol Old Vic present the children's dance show Boing! in London for s strictly limited Christmas season.

An energetic and enchanting piece of children?s dance theatre, Boing! captures the delirious excitement of waiting for Father Christmas to arrive on the most magical night of the year. Combining comedy, acrobatics and breakdance to dazzling effect, this show promises to leave children bursting with Christmas spirit!

Directed by Sally Cookson with choreography by the award-winning b-boys Wilkie Branson and Jol Daniel, this production returns to London following successful Christmas seasons in both 2011 and 2012.

"Although its target audience starts with three-year-olds, the show is consistently diverting regardless of your age... The delighted reactions of the real children in the audience attest to the engaging veracity of all that ensues, from the pitfalls of sharing a duvet and a slapstick pillow fight to more imaginative flights of fancy that turn that same duvet into trampoline, cradle or sea-faring vessel and the 'boys' themselves into temporary robots or superheroes. They also receive creditable support from two stuffed teddy bears. Alex Vann's soundtrack lends the performance pulse and, when necessary, soothing calm. It all adds up to bouncy good fun." The Times

"Children's theatre specialist Sally Cookson directs Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel of Champloo Dance Company, who choreograph as well as perform. They play two brothers on Christmas Eve, already sent to bed but far too excited to sleep... Cookson and the dancers fill the show with simple incident, performed with gusto and child-friendly jokes. The young audience was enchanted when Branson and Daniel cleaned their teeth with audible gargles... Cookson and the dancers take themes and build them up with repetition, making the show both lucid and energetic... A fresh, friendly children's show, entirely in tune with its audience." The Independent

"This is rumbustious, exhilarating dance theatre, enrapturing for children and adults alike. Choreographed and performed by Wilkie Branson and Joel Daniel of street-dance company Champloo, and directed by children's theatre specialist Sally Cookson, it moves at a cracking pace, always staying one step ahead of the audience's imagination in its movement from slapstick to breakdance, via clowning, acrobatics and an exquisite pastiche of action comics. What partly makes Boing ! so delightful is its wickedly acute appreciation of all the things children long to do when the lights are turned out and the door is closed... There are moments when the performers are sweetly childlike, possessive over their teddies and absorbed by the way they can make a feather float in the air by blowing on it. But when they briefly allow themselves to indulge in a proper, grown-up display of street-dance, the show becomes utterly dazzling." The Guardian

Boing! in London at the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells Theatre from 20 December 2013 and closed on 5 January 2014