Bill Bailey - Larks in Transit

Wyndham's Theatre
Charing Cross Road, London

Opens: 3 December 2018
Closes: 5 January 2019

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Nearest Tube: Leicester Square

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Monday at 8.00pm
Tuesday at 8.00pm
Wednesday at 8.00pm
Thursday at 8.00pm
Friday at 8.00pm
Saturday at 3.00pm and 8.00pm
Sunday no shows
Note: Sun 23 Dec at 8.00pm
Note: Mon 24 Dec no shows
Note: Tue 25 Dec no shows
Note: Wed 26 Dec no shows
Note: Sun 30 Dec at 3.00pm and 8.00pm
Note: Tue 1 Jan no shows

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Bill Bailey - Larks in Transit

The acclaimed stand-up comedian Bill Bailey in London with his new show Larks in Transit for a limited five week season

With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, Bill Bailey tackles politics, philosophy and the pursuit of happiness in a compendium of travellers tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years gleaned by him as a travelling comedian.

Larks in Transit Bill Bailey in London at the Wyndham's Theatre opens on 3 December 2018 and closes on 5 January 2019

Limboland - Bill Bailey

Opened: 14 December 2015, Closed 10 January 2016 at the Vaudeville Theatre in London

The return of Bill Bailey to London's West End with his new stand-up comedy show Limboland at the Vaudeville Theatre for a four week season over Christmas and the New Year.

In Limboland Bill Bailey examines the gap between how we imagine our lives to be and how they really are. With his trademark intelligence and sharp wit, he tells tales of finding himself in this halfway place. He rails against a world that doesn’t match up to our expectations and contemplates the true nature of happiness.

Limboland - Bill Bailey in London at the Vaudeville Theatre opened on Monday 14 December 2015 and closed on Sunday 10 January 2016.

Dandelion Mind - Bill Bailey

Previewed 2 November 2010, Opened 9 November 2010, Closed 8 January 2011 at the Wyndham's Theatre in London

The critically acclaimed standup comedian Bill Bailey in London with his new show Dandelion Mind for a strictly limited season. Dandelion Mind will be based loosely on the theme of doubt (or will it?!) and features Bill Bailey's trademark musical interludes, observations and stories of the road as we follow Bill from his real-life saga of being trapped by the ash cloud, to his barely contained rants about celebrity, TV, creationism and Michael Winner. He demonstrates new instruments, both ancient and modern, he sings an internet love song, a lament about punk heroes, Iranian hip-hop, and plays a mean folk-bouzouki. Thomas the Doubter gets a new look, and Darwin's curious obsessions and the myth of intelligent design are all worked over in Bill’s own surreal style. He revisits the music of his youth, with a brand-new French Disco re-working of Gary Numan's hit, Cars, played in his own inimitable way, and maybe some Wurzel-based remixes of classic German techno. Bill Bailey's previous two London West End show's played for extended seasons, and this new show is expected to be just as popular.

”Bill Bailey says that his new show, Dandelion Mind, is all about doubt. But after his endearing if occasionally rushed opening night, one thing is certain: the West Country comedian is a supremely versatile entertainer. Who else can extract laughs out of everything from surreal flights of fancy, obscure musical instruments and an eerie resemblance to X Factor oddball Wagner? in the first half it was smart verbal bull's-eyes that dominated. Bailey is a master of comic imagination, whether skewering the Pope, Nick Clegg or the mating habits of frogs. Visual gags raised the bar too; his self-service check-out sketch boasted a beautifully dotty absurdism…. Wholesome merriment with added brains rarely gets this good.” The London Evening Standard

”Bill Bailey is loved for his meandering approach to comedy - a bit of wordplay here, a song there, a rambling observation in between. Dandelion Mind sees him amplify that approach. The opening 20 minutes is a perceptive, highly literate take on recent events, tough on the coalition, tougher on the England football team... The abundance of ideas is a real treat. As is Bailey's engagement with the world. He may not have much time for internet culture - 'We're more connected and less connected than ever before' - but he understands it. He may love his classic rock but he still listens to enough contemporary pop to be able to satirise those singers 'who are all called Katie'. The show's ostensible theme might be 'doubt', but its underlying one is that engagement and inquiry are always favourable to detachment and cynicism.” The Guardian

”Bill Bailey 's first new stand-up show in three years is all about doubt. "Or is it?" he ponders, a relaxed yet pinpoint presence punting a profusion of bold ideas defanged by his bad hair and self-effacement… Dandelion Mind, is a consistently inventive mix of sociopolitics, art history, anthropology, astrophysics, musical parody and silliness. It may well be his best yet... Some of Bailey's ire is so elegantly expressed that it risks being overwritten. But he's got so many good ideas here that he can toss them all out lightly. Almost everything sticks, held in place by something barbed and defiant in Bailey... Bailey's stand-up is fantastical, intellectual yet unforced. Quite a trick. Yet he has another gear he can move up into: his music. Moving between guitars, keyboards and an oud, he gives us wonders, including Kraftwerk doing Hallelujah, wet singer-songwriters and a brilliant version of Gary Numan's Cars... Does he answer his own doubts? Who can say? But they help inspire and sustain a glorious two hours of comedy.” The Times

Tinselworm - Bill Bailey 2008

Previewed 10 November 2008, Opened 18 November 2008, Closed 24 January 2009 at the Gielgud Theatre in London

Following a sell-out arena tour of the UK in 2007, and a sell-out tour of New Zealand and Australia in 2008, Tinselworm returned to the UK for a run at the Gielgud Theatre in 2008. As in any Bill Bailey show, the subject matter is broad ranging; tattoos, marketing, doorbells, Emo, creationism, post-war banking secrecy, travellers' tales and the alternate reality that is Bill's world - spun together with the sparkling thread of a seasonal invertebrate. It has all the trademark Bailey elements; lyrical dexterity, tangential silliness and musical brilliance plus animation by award-winning film maker, Joe Magee, all of which combine to make this a verbal and visual treat. This will be the last time you'll be able to see this show before Bill puts it to bed.

Part Troll - Bill Bailey 2003 / 2004

Opened 13 October 2003, Closed 25 October 2003 at the Wyndham's Theatre
Returned 25 October 2004, Closed 1 January 2005 at the Apollo Theatre in London

Bill Bailey was previously in London's West End in October 2004 with his show Bill Bailey (Part Troll) which enjoyed an extended ten week season at The Apollo Theatre. Bill Bailey - the star of Channel Four's Black Books and BBC2's Never Mind the Buzzcocks - brought his hit stand-up show to the West End for an extended ten week season at the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. Featuring a unique blend of the off-the-wall comedy and music for which Bill Bailey has become acclaimed; these performances feature nearly an hour of brand new, never-before-seen material. Bill's trademark peerless anarchic humour combined with his skills as a musician, make this an event not to be missed. "In this terrific show, Bailey underlines that he is one of the few performers to bridge the gulf between music and comedy," praised The Independent, adding that "He delivers some of the most brilliant comic songs on the circuit... inspired." The Sunday Times hailed it as "a great, sweeping concept album of a show... exceptionally skilful music including a Portishead version of Zippedy Doo Da that's worth the price of admission alone!"