As You Like It

Previewed 6 July 2018, Opened 11 July 2018, Closed 28 July 2018 at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre in London

A major revival of William Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It in London

In the mythical Forest of Arden, a world of transformation where anything is possible and anything permissible, two young people discover what it really means to be in love.

The cast featured Maureen Beattie as 'Jaques', Edward Hogg as 'Orlando', Keziah Joseph as 'Celia', Danny Kirrane as 'Touchstone', and Olivia Vinall as 'Rosalind', with Simon Armstrong, Jack Beale, Amy Booth-Steel, Me'sha Bryan, Beruce Khan, Gary Lilburn, Joanne McGuinness, Kristian Phillips, Jacade Simpson, John Stahl, and Silas Wyatt-Barke. Directed by Max Webster with movement by Polly Bennett, designs by Naomi Dawson, lighting by Lee Curran, music by Charlie Fink and sound by Gareth Fry.

As You Like It in London at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park previewed from 6 July 2018, opened on 11 July 2018 and closed on 28 July 2018

Old Vic Bridge Project As You Like It 2010

Previewed 12 June 2010, Opened 23 June 2010, Closed 21 August 2010 at the Old Vic Theatre in London. Part of the Bridge Project 2010, played in repertory with The Tempest.

'The Bridge Project' presents Shakespeare's As You Like It in London directed by Sam Mendes as featuring a transatlantic cast.

Rosalind (disguised as a boy) goes into the forest in search of her father and finds Orlando, with whom she is infatuated, also fleeing tyranny. She offers to cure him of his obsession with her. Thus begins Shakespeare's great celebration of young love.

The cast for As You Like It in London features Stephen Dillane as 'Jaques', Christian Camargo as 'Orlando' and Juliet Rylance as 'Celia' with Michelle Beck, Ron Cephas Jones and Thomas Sadoski. It is directed by Sam Mendes with set designs by Tom Piper, costume designs by Catherine Zuber, lighting by Paul Pyant, sound by Simon Baker, music by Mark Bennett and choreography by Josh Prince. As You Like It and The Tempest are performed in repertory by the same acting company and creative team. Prior to tickets going on sale it was anounced that Anne-Marie Duff, who was expected to play 'Rosalind' in this production, had withdrawn due to illness in her family. This production was staged at Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater in New York where it previewed from 12 January 2010, opened on 26 January 2010 and closed on 13 March 2010.

"Sam Mendes's production is serviceable rather than inspired, but Juliet Rylance (stepdaughter of the great Mark) makes it more than usually charming by the force of her personality. She looks like a cross between Kirsty Young, Jennifer Ehle and Greta Scacchi. Slender, blonde, husky and attractively boyish while clearly being extremely girlie, there's no doubt that when her Rosalind plants a kiss on Christian Camargo's astounded Orlando (her real-life husband), she's fallen madly, deeply in love, touched by the lunacy that afflicts so many of Shakespeare's lovers. Stephen Dillane plays up the theatricality of the sardonic outsider, Jacques. He haunts the fringes of the forest wearing a paper crown and a Comic Relief red nose while adopting a distinctly down-beat Beckettian air, determinedly sucking 'melancholy out of a song as a weasel sucks eggs'. In his thespy delivery of 'All the world's a stage' he sends up each character it describes, and manages to sound very young, extremely old, fat and thin, before singing a song in a hilarious impersonation of Bob Dylan, complete with harmonica." The Mail on Sunday

"The British and American collaborative Bridge Project is back at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with As You Like It. Cleverly directed by Sam Mendes, it does very nicely without absolute stars, although Stephen Dillane, Juliet Rylance and Thomas Sadoski bring considerable reputations to an elegant production... As usual, however, it is Mendes's direction that charms with fresh and frolicsome ideas, as when Orlando and Rosalind (as Ganymede) converse from high up in facing trees, or the moment when an unsuspecting departing character reveals one of Orlando's love letters to Rosalind pinned to his back. Three hours, with only one relatively brief intermission, pass by fleetly." Bloomberg

"Like the plot of As You Like It, which moves from winter to spring, the Bridge Project production of the classic at BAM goes from chilly to charming. It just takes a while to get there. The staging by Sam Mendes gets off to a glacial start that fails to find traction or pull us into Shakespeare's language. Then, when the talking literally stops, the show finds its voice and its magnetic pull. This is the moment when a lovestruck Orlando can't bring himself to say a word to the fair Rosalind, who's equally smitten... Sam Mendes has peppered the production with stirring visuals. Among them are men of the duke's court morphing into rustic foresters, a blood-soaked nightmare and a joyous wedding dance to the enchanting music composed by Mark Bennett." New York Daily News

The Bridge Project is an unprecedented three-year, transatlantic partnership uniting The Old Vic Theatre in London with The Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, and Neal Street Productions. Each year a single Anglo/American company will perform a double-bill of classic works in repertory at both the Brooklyn Academy of Music and at The Old Vic Theatre, and make at least one other international visit. The project is borne out of the group's shared desire to produce large-scale, classical theatre for international audiences. The Project started in 2009 when Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale and Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard where presented. The Bridge Project was originally due to start in 2008 with Shakespeare's Hamlet and The Tempest with a company lead by Stephen Dillane but was postponed when Stephen Dillane withdrew "due to personal reasons arising from family reasons."

As You Like It in London at the Old Vic Theatre as part of the Bridge Project 2010, previewed from 12 June 2010, opened on 23 June 2010 and closed on 21 August 2010 - playing in repertory with The Tempest.

RSC As You Like It 2006

Previewed 2 March 2006, Opened 7 March 2006, Closed 25 March 2006 at the Novello Theatre in London

The Royal Shakespeare Company present William Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It in London featuring Lia Williams and directed by RSC Associate Director Dominic Cooke.

In the Forest of Arden boundaries between reality and fantasy merge in Shakespeare's vibrant comedy of life and love.

The cast for As You Like It in London features Lia Williams as 'Rosalind' and Barnaby Kay as 'Orlando' with Jamie Ballard, Peter Bankole, Peter Bygott, Paul Chahidi, Edward Clayton, Meg Fraser, Trystan Gravelle, Amanda Harris, Patrick MacKay, Chris McGill, Alan Morrissey, Caitlin Mottram, Joseph Mydell, Jonathan Newth, Barrie Palmer, Miles Richardson, David Rogers, Gurpreet Singh, Sally Tatum and Patrick Waldron. Directed by Dominic Cooke, designed by Rae Smith, lighting by Paule Constable, music by Gary Yershon, sound by Paul Arditti and flights by Terry King. This production comes to London's West End following a season at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon in August 2005.

"Toothless rustics, blood-smeared hunters, sheep excrement: this Forest of Arden is unpasteuried. Dominic Cooke's production of Shakespeare's melancholy comedy creates an unruly rural idyll where the seasons change from snow to sun and Meg Fraser's Audrey is more foot and mouth than peaches and cream. This rough, functional forest is a perfect match for Lia William's tough, touching Rosalind... But there are times here when the pace slows to an unfortunate crawl. Still, there are emotional highs and entertaining lows, creating an Arden of deep roots and green shoots." The Sunday Times

"Under an enormous freenwood tree, which dominates the stage, the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of As You Like It is spread like a delicious, generous picnic... It's a fairy tale with gentle gender-bending, and every sexual boundary is probed here under Dominic Cooke's direction... This is wonderful ensemble acting, but if anyone steals the show it is Amanda Harris as Celia. Paul Chahidi has the audience eating out of his hand as Touchstone, and there's a fantastic cameo from Meg Fraser as Audrey inan Ena Sharples hairnet... An intelligent, enchanting production where each of Shakespeare's words is sifted for its gold." The Sunday Telegraph

RSC As You Like It 2006 in London at the Novello Theatre previewed from 2 March 2006, opened on 7 March 2006 and closed on 25 March 2006.

As You Like It with Helen McCrory and Sienna Miller 2005

Previewed 3 June 2005, Opened 21 June 2005, Closed 17 September 2005 at the Wyndham's Theatre in London

A major revival of William Shakespeare's As You Like It in London starring Helen McCrory and Sienna Miller and directed by David Lan.

Rosalind (disguised as a boy) goes into the forest in search of her father and finds Orlando, with whom she is infatuated, also fleeing tyranny. She offers to cure him of his obsession with her. Thus begins Shakespeare's great celebration of young love. The director David Lan has updated the play to the 1940s in France - the court of the Duke, exiled to the forest of Arden (the Ardennes), are philosophers and poets of Paris Cafe Society. Their songs are in the style of the music of Yves Montand and Edith Piaf. The violence in this dark romance is the memory of the second world war.

The cast for As You Like It in London features multi award winning Helen McCrory as 'Rosalind', Sienna Miller as 'Celia', Dominic West as 'Orlando' with Sean Hughes as 'Touchstone', Reece Shearsmith as 'Jacques', Clive Rowe as 'Duke Senior' with Andrew French, Denise Gough, Michael Howcroft, Rebecca Jenkins, Sam Kenyon, David Killick, Lisa Lee Leslie, Nigel Richards, Ben Turner and Andrew Woodall. It is directed by David Lan with movement by Ben Wright, designs by Richard Hudson, lighting by Tim Mitchell, music by Tim Sutton and sound by Paul Groothuis. Reece Shearsmith is best known for being part of the League of Gentlemen (Drury Lane Theatre 2001).

"The production gains clarity from three strong central performances. Dominic West's Orlando is quite likeable, well muscled, prone to violence and a bit dim - just the kind of aristocratic beefcake who is supposed to send girls reaching for their biological imperative. Helen McCrory, meanwhile, is a fabulous Rosalind, the strength of her passion for Orlando never in any doubt. Giggling with Celia or ordering wine, she might start out as a kind of proto-Bridget Jones, but once she is disguised in male dress as Ganymede, she transcends all stereotypes in favour of emotional truth... McCrory, however, has form, and might have been expected to deliver. More surprising is Sienna Miller's fine performance as Celia... She portrays Celia as self-possessed and playful, full of down~to-earth merriment and perky cynicism. Miller can play tough enough to show that Celia is not just Rosalind's spaniel, while her comic abilities - imitating a regurgitating pigeon, stuffing her mouth with bread - are as robust and unpretty as they are unexpected... Like one of Cupid's arrows, this staging might not, in the long term, be completely satisfying, but with so many shots, it can't help but score." The Sunday Times

"Sienna Miller is very pretty in a conventional, blonde, Sloaney way, with small, perfect features and a petite figure. I dare say she shone in her school plays where a bit of semaphore and lots of shouting are easily overlooked when your smile is as sparkly as hers. Miller's misfortune here is to be sharing a stage with Helen McCrory, who is one of our finest actors. McCrory brings real intensity to her role as an exile from her uncle's court who dresses up as a man. Her performance comes from the inside, with every breath, gulp and sigh expressing her character; Miller wears hers like a scratchy cardigan. She is by no means the weakest link in David Lan's odd, erratic (specially in its casting) and patchy production. This is the play as Lan likes it. He's relocated it to France in the Forties for no good reason other than he wanted cafe society music. Fun as the music is - and even some of the speeches are sung - the meaningless setting proves merely distracting... McCrory and the excellent Dominic West as the rugged, wronged Orlando deserve better... In the scenes in which she pretends to be Rosalind in order to teach Orlando how to handle women, McCrory is wonderfully moving and funny. That her efforts sometimes look desperate is all too understandable." The Mail on Sunday

"What a lark, what a romp, what an entertainment is As You Like It directed by David Lan at Wyndham's Theatre. Bubbling with bright cameos, WWF-style wrestling, roundelays, and the lilting accordian music of Lisa-Lee Leslie, this is Shakespeare as a musical rom-com set in a postwar France full of the kind of stock French figures that people those Stella Artois advertisements... As Touchstone the Fool, the stand-up comedian Sean Hughes is an enjoyable buffoon. And Clive Rowe, as the exiled Duke, is infectiously jolly as he leads the chorus in the green dream-wood of Arden." The Sunday Telegraph

As You Like It in London at the Wyndham's Theatre previewed from 3 June 2005, opened on 21 June 2005 and closed on 17 September 2005