And Then There Were None

Previewed 14 October 2005, Opened 25 October 2005, Closed 14 January 2006 at the Gielgud Theatre in London

A new stage adaptation by Kevin Elyot of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None in London directed by Steven Pimlott.

Ten little soldier boys went out to dine...
One choked his little self and then there were nine... Over dinner, 10 strangers on an island retreat are each accused of hiding a terrible secret. Then one by one, they begin to die - horribly... This new stage adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None by Kevin Elyot promises a gruesome twist to attract a younger audience more used to horror and violence than gentle whodunnits.

"Steven Pimlott's gripping, gory and blackly comic production" The Daily Telegraph

The cast for And Then There Were None features Tara Fitzgerald as 'Vera Claythorne', Gemma Jones as 'Emily Blunt', Graham Crowden as 'General Macarthur' and Richard Johnson as 'Justice Wargrave'. The production is directed by Steven Pimlott with designs by Mark Thompson and sound by Gregory Clarke. Please Note: This production is suitable for all, at parent's discretion, but remember it is a thriller!

"The show achieves a perfect balance between thrills and chills and a knowing, tongue-in-cheek humour" The Daily Telegraph

The producer of And Then There Were None, Nick Salmon, says: "Kevin Elyot went back to the original book and he has updated it to modern sensibilities. Some of it is quite Tarantinoesque. In the original Christie, the murders are rather anaesthetised - as was right for 50 years ago. But we will see the results of the murders on stage. Kevin has brought it home that these people are being murdered." Agatha Christie's grandson Matthew Prichard, who heads her Estate, says: "If Agatha Christie is to be as popular as the 21st century as she was in the 20th, we have to be open-minded about interpreting stories in modern ways, much as Shakspeare is reinvented for successive generations." Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None remains her best-selling individual title in the UK. Her stage whodunit The Mousetrap is currently playing at London's St Martin's Theatre.

"Quality truimphs in Christie whodunnit" The Guardian

"Steven Pimlott is having a laugh with his successful revival at the Gielgud of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. This production is to the classic English whodunit what Scream is to teen slasher flicks. The audience gets to enjoy the comfort-food feeling of curling up with a creaky old crime novel, but washed down with glass after glass of irony on the rocks... Mark Thompson's designs are stunning... There may be a point here about facing your demons, but it's not the point. Pure pleasure is." The Sunday Telegraph

"And Then There Were None has had a sophisticated makeover - and makes a surprisingly entertaining evening" The Guardian

"If Agatha Christie reminds you of parma violets, then Kevin Elyot's adaptation will startle you like a gunshot. Ten people visit Soldier Island to meet the mysterious UN Owen... Steven Pimlott's production places them in a horror-film context. The sense of dread is turned up as high as Gregory Clarke's creepy sound effects, and Mark Thompson's wonderful art-deco sets... Tell The Mousetrap there is a new killer in town." The Sunday Times

"In the West End an attempt is being made to breathe new life into Agatha Christie. Kevin Elyot has reworked the play once called Ten Little Niggers, putting an ironic spin on the flattest sentences... It's nasty, but it's never thrilling. Projectile vomiting provides the most exciting moment; the only real mystery is why everyone speaks so slowly." The Observer

"Kevin Elyot's new version of a real Christie story musters no more tension than a busted elastic band, despite an accomplished cast and a series of murders accompanied by thunderclaps and shrieking seagulls. Ten strangers lured to a remote island rapidly decrease in number as one of them, a crazed killer, gets busy with poison, gun and axe. Tara Fitzgerald, Richard Johnson and the rest keep fairly straight faces while delivering substandard hokum. Who dunnit? Who cares?" The Sun

And Then There Were None in London at the Gielgud Theatre previewed from 14 October 2005, opened on 25 October 2005 and closed 14 January 2006.