All or Nothing

Previewed 6 February 2018, Opened 8 February 2018, Closed 11 March 2018 at the Arts Theatre
Transferrd 28 March 2018, Closed 12 May 2018 at the Ambassadors Theatre

The Small Faces musical All Or Nothing in London

All Or Nothing, the Mod musical, follows the rise and fall of the band Small Faces - following a season at the Arts Theatre, this production now transfers to the Ambassadors Theatre.

The cast features Chris Simmons as 'Steve Marriott', Carol Harrison as 'Kay Marriott', Stanton Wright as 'Ronnie Lane', Stefan Edwards as 'Kenney Jones', Edward Elgood as 'Jimmy Winston', Alexander Gold as 'Ian McLagan', Samuel Pope as 'Young Steve Marriott', Karis Anderson as 'P. P. Arnold' and Russell Floyd as 'Don Arden' with Daniel Beales, Alfie Harrison-Foreman, Dani Acors and Emily Daniels. At certain performances, David Shute as 'Steve Marriott' and Danielle Johnson as 'Kay Marriott'. Written and directed by Carol Harrison. A transfer from London's Arts Theatre (previewed from 6 February 2018, opened on 8 February 2018 and closed on 11 March 2018).

Please Note: Age recommendation is 14 and above.

This musical returns to London following a season at the Vaults in Waterloo, followed by a regional tour.

"Does the world really need another jukebox musical? When they're as entertaining as All Or Nothing, I can only say yes. Carol Harrison's wittily scripted story of 1960s The Small Faces, the group who were small in stature but huge in sound, together with the roster of their hits: Sha La La La Lee, Itchycoo Park, Lazy Sunday, makes for a smile-inducing night of mod nostalgia. The story is narrated by the older Steve Marriott, clutching a pint as he looks on at the antics of his younger self and his bandmates. Simply told, the story goes from Marriott's failed schooldays to his career as a child actor - his mother is mortified when he turns down the chance to work with Laurence Olivier - to his artistic and commercial successes with The Small Faces. The band have talent, but managers Don Arden and Andrew Loog Oldham brought them professional success but financial failure." The Sunday Express

"Early fans of the Small Faces may be getting on a bit, but nostalgia for the mods and for Steve Marriott's awesome voice might still prove a big enough draw for this crowd-funded account of the life of the Cockney singer who modelled himself on the great blues singers. There is nothing exceptional about Carol Harrison's script, which tells an all too familiar story of early fame, too many drugs, corrupt management, fallouts and early death. For all his talent, Marriott was vain, difficult and often his own worst enemy." The Sunday Times

The 'Mod' musical All or Nothing in London at the Arts Theatre previewed from 6 February 2018, opened on 8 February 2018 and closed on 11 March 2018 - transferred to the Ambassadors Theatre on 28 March 2018 and closed on 2 June 2018