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Seamus Cullen

Seamus Cullen

Any Dream Will Do Joseph finalist Seamus Cullen was born in America but now lives in Willesden Green, London. Seamus is 35 and currently works in sales and marketing, although is currently also training to become a teacher.

Sorry Seamus Cullen - you're not Joseph. Antony was voted out of the Any Dream Will Do television show on Saturday 28 April 2007. He said after his eviction: "I am shocked - I thought I did enough on the individual and group songs but Ben put in a fantastic performance - the performance of his life, so hats off to him." Seamus was the 4th Joseph finalist to be eliminated.

Seamus, who is the oldest of all the finalists in Any Dream Will Do, made his first appearance on televison at the age of ten as a choirboy on the BBC. Seamus says: "I hope that people will choose me for my voice and my acting," adding that "I feel that, at 35, it's my last chnace now. I've got a talent, I've got a God-gven gift. I've been doing music seriously for about 20 years or so in gospel choirs and bands and everything. The one thing that I really want is to be a leading man in the West End. I'm training to be a singing teacher so I pick up on everything." Zoe Tyler said: "I hope he doesn't think here's better than the rest of the boys because he is the oldest, but he'll have to take the notes we give, 35 or not."

Seamus attended the auditions in London. After the Joseph School and the concert at the Abymill Theatre in Fethard, Ireland, Seamus was the seventh Joseph finalist to be told by Andrew Lloyd Webber that the Judges had selected him to go through to the final 12 Joseph hopefuls. Will Seamus be Joseph in the new London production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?

28 April 2007: The third of the BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows. This week first up was Seamus Cullen who sung The Rolling Stones song 'Start Me Up'. Bill Kenwright said of his performance: "You don't know how good you are, your honesty sometimes comes across as arrogance, but you are so special." Seamus got enough votes to go through the first 'knock-out' this evening, but for this evening's second elimination, Seamus had the least number of public votes which means he had to do the sing-off with Ben Ellis who come second from bottom. The song selected was The Hollies number 'He Ain't Heavy' after which Andrew Lloyd Webber said "The plot thickens - what an extraordinary sing-off, I asked for emotion and I got it. But tonight, and at the end of the day, I'm going to save ... Ben." Thus Seamus had to leave. He joined the remaining six Joseph finalists to sing his final song, 'Close Every Door' from the musical Joseph. He changed the last line from 'For I have been promised A land of my own' to 'For I have been promised A show of my own'. Afterwards Seamus said: "I am shocked - I thought I did enough on the individual and group songs but Ben put in a fantastic performance - the performance of his life, so hats off to him."

21 April 2007: The second of the BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows. Seamus Cullen sung 'Being Alive' from the Stephen Sondheim musical Company. Afterwards John commented: "I've played the role of Bobby. I think you did a really nice job with that tonight, but I would have loved to have seen you stretch it out and make more of the words - that was where the acting thing came in for me. Just to comment on the part you're saying on being alone and stuff like that. I've lead a [theatre] company, I've lead many companies and you need to be a team player, when you become part of a company you don't start helping people by telling them what to do, you enjoy the ambience around you. Enjoy it more, kiddo." Bill followed by saying "I've always championed you, I'll keep on championing you. You have one of the best songs written for a 35-year old. I pray to you, understand about sharing, because it'll come across, it'll come across to the audience, it'll come across to the people at home. You are a fantastic talent, you're 35-years old, this is your chance, embrace it, embrace the other boys, embrace your talent and you will get there." Zoe highlighted "I like your voice. But you have to get over those nerves, I can feel your nerves from where I am sitting. I know what you can do in class and you worry me, you worry me with your nerves." Andrew concluded the comments saying: "That's an extraordinary lyric isn't it, and I just felt you could have given it a little bit more joy, and brought us along a little bit more into that journey, because it is an extraordinary lyric - about being alive and wanting love from every single angle with all of it's imperfections. I think you could have invested a little bit more in it, but still it was a very, very good performance." Afterwards, once all the public votes had been added up, it was announced that Seamus had secured enough votes to get through to the next show, next week.

14 April 2007: For the first week's episode of the BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows Seamus Cullen sung I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Afterwards John Barrowman said "Tonight Seamus, you blew me away. I can not fault your vocal, but the one thing I will say is you need to be more of a team player, because I've seeen from Joseph School that you separated yourself and as a leading man you need to lead the company and become a part of the company a little more." Denise can Outen said "I would love to be on the West End stage with you. You are so exciting to watch, full of energy, a brilliant performance. I totally agree with John." Bill Kenwright said "I've championed Seasmus from the word go, I think that it is terrific that a 35 year old can come on this show. I also watched him in 'Any Dream Will Do' at the start and you took my eye totally." When all the public phone votes had been added up it was announced that Seamus had enough votes to go straight through to next week's programme of Any Dream Will Do.