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Robert McVeigh

Robert McVeigh

Any Dream Will Do Joseph finalist Robert McVeigh is from Rotherham. Robert is 23 and is currently a builder.

Sorry Robert McVeigh - you're not Joseph. Rob was the sixth Joseph hopeful to be knocked out of the Any Dream Will Do television show on Saturday 12 May 2007. Robert told Andrew Lloyd Webber: "I just want to say thank you - for someone who's never had any experience in this - for giving me a chance."

Robert's only formal acting training has been a BTEC in drama, although he is involved with his local operatic society (where he meet his fiancee, Louise). He says that: "I do love being a builder. I specialise in what is called dry-lining, but I'd give anything to actually put my tools down finally and step out on to the stage, and that be my career." Zoe Tyler said that "Rob to me is probably the most raw out of the bunch."

Robert attended the auditions in Manchester. Following the Joseph School and the Abymill Theatre concert, Andrew called both Rob and Lee in together to see the Judges first - Bill Kenwright, Denise Van Outen and John Barrowman. Andrew then told Rob that the Judges had selected him to be in the final 12 Joseph hopefuls - Rob was the first one to be told he was through (and Lee was told he was through too!) Will the public select Robert to be Joseph in the new West End production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Adelphi Theatre in London?

12 May 2007: The fifth BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' show and Robert McVeigh sung the Bruce Springsteen song 'Born To Run'. After John Barrowman told him: "We're back on track - confident, controlled, what a performance ... but you still have to convince me that you are Joseph." Ater each of the Joseph hopefuls had sung their songs and the public voting lines had closed, Graham Norton asked the Judges who, based on tonight's performances. they thought was NOT Joseph - John Barrowman, Denise van Outen and Bill Kenwright all said Rob. When all the public phone votes had been added up Graham announced that Rob had secured the lowest number of public votes aswell, along with Lewis Bradley who had come second from bottom. Therefore these two had to compete against each other in the sing-off which this week was the song 'Tell Me It Is Not True' from the musical Blood Brother by Willy Russell. After they had sung a joint rendition, Andrew Lloyd Webber said that he was going to save Lewis - which meant that Rob had to leave. Afterwards Rob McVeigh said: "To be honest I'm shocked I got this far, I know I've got a long way to go but I'm going out with my head held high, its been amazing."

5 May 2007: For the fourth BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' show Rob McVeigh sung the Take That song 'Back For Good'. After Bill Kenwright told him: "Well done, you look terrific and got your act together. You've got real talent" and Zoe Tyler said: "That was probably the hardest song tonight ... ok, but I'm not sure if I like the soft side - I want my meat and two veg boy." When the Judging Panel was asked by Graham Norton, based on tonight's performance, which remaining finalist was not their choice for Joseph, both Bill Kenwright and Denise van Outen say Rob, but after all the public votes where added up it was announced that Rob had secured enough votes to go through to next week's programme of Any Dream Will Do.

28 April 2007: For the third BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' show Rob McVeigh sung the Roy Orbison song 'Oh Pretty Woman'. Zoe Tyler told him: "I wish all my singing pupils progressed as quickly and fast and furiously as you." Rob managed to secure enough votes to go through the first of tonight's knock-outs. Before the results of the voting for the second of the night's eliminations was announced Graham Norton asked the Judges who they thought, based on tonight's performance' was NOT Joseph - both Bill Kenwright and John Barrowman said they thought that Rob was not Joseph - BUT the public disagreed as it was announced that Rob had secured enough votes to go straight through to next weeks programme!

21 April 2007: For the second BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows Rob McVeigh sung the Billy Joel song 'Piano Man'. Afterwards Denise exclaimed: "Last week you rocked the house, tonight you work my world! You just seem to get better and better, and a great contrast from last week, brilliant tonight." Bill said "You are something else Rob the Builder. Everytime you come on I think he is not going to crack it tonight, you get to that audience and you play them, not the piano, you where fantastic." Zoe added "I'm going to let the boys (Rob and Antony) into a secret. You two where the two I was most worried about that wouldn't pull it off vocally tonight with those songs because you where quite flat in rehearsal - but you both pulled it off for me tonight, absolutely fabulous." Andrew concluded by saying: "I want to ask the audience something - Did you realise it was two differant people singing? Did you get that? Not really? Well that is what we where talking about, I would have liked a little bit more contrast, but having said that you took the chorus and you really made it rock tonight, terrific." After all the votes where added up it was announced that Rob had secured enough votes to go through to next week's programme of Any Dream Will Do.

14 April 2007: The first BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' show and Rob McVeigh was the first to perform, singing the song 'Summer of 69'. Afterwards John Barrowman exclaimed: "Rob, Wow! Wow! Wow! Unrefined, a rough diamond, a leading man performance might be there, but can we polish that rough diamond? But a spectacular job." Denise Van Outen said "I don't think people apreciate how hard it is to be the first to come out and sing, you did a fantastic job - you rocked the house! And the thing is you really looked like you were having fun and the result was we where having fun too, the audience absolutely loved you." Bill Kenwright highlighted that "Rob the builder is the total epitome of what this show is all about. He is the show to me that boy. Rotherham should be proud of you tonight. You've come from Rotherham a builder, you're going back a star!" Zoe added "Rob, you've probably made the most amazing vocal journey for me, and you know what - tonight you took your hard hat off and you put your West End hat on. It was fantastic!" Afterwards, once all the public votes had been added up, it was announced that Rob had secured enough votes to get through to the next show, next week.