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Johndeep More

Johndeep More

Any Dream Will Do Joseph finalist Johndeep More is from Birmingham, although he now live in Finsbury Park in North London. Johndeep, who is 23, currently works as an office administrator.

Sorry Johndeep More - you're not Joseph. Johndeep was voted out on the second 'knock-out' television show on Saturday 21 April 2007. Afterwards Johndeep said: "It's been a rollercoaster ride, but the experience I've had has boosted my confidence in my ability to perform, and made me even more determined to make it."

Johndeep started performing two years ago after a friend overheard him singing in his bedroom and encouraged him to apply for music school.

Johndeep studied for one year at the Royal Academy of Music. He says: "I am truly passionate about music and performance and I would love the chance to show that on a stage. Everything happens for a reason in life, and this is mine, I wouldn't be here or have those who believe in me if I didn't know that I could be Joseph, and I have to remember that!" Amazingly Johndeep's family had not even heard him sing before he auditioned to be Joseph! Johndeep siad: "On Saturday night I want to show my family who the real me is. I'm from an Asian background, from Birmingham. I have a family who are very traditional in their ways, my parents expect me to go into a career like being a lawyer or being a doctor. I know that my heart doesn't want that. I want to perform for the rest of my life because that is my passion. On Saturday night it's the first time that my parents have seen me perform - I'm scared I think - I really hope that I make them proud because I really love what I'm doing and I hope that they do to, and I just really want their support."

Johndeep attended the London auditions and was the tenth Joseph finalist to the choose by the Judges following the final concert at the Abymill Theatre in Ireland. Johndeep will not be Joseph in the new London production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - he was knocked-out of the competition on Saturday 21 April 2007.

21 April 2007: The second week of the BBC series Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows and Johndeep More sung 'Something's Coming' from the Sondheim/Bernstein musical West Side Story. It was revealed that Johndeep hasn't actually ever watched West Side Story: "Musical theatre is only something that has happened for me over the last couple of years. The reason I didn't [watch West Side Story] was that I wanted to put my own take on the song and I didn't want to be influenced by someone else." After he had sung the song John said "Last week Johndeep I said you where bland, this week I think it was slightly in the oppposite direction, for me it was slightly camp and over the top and you need to find a happy medium. Your vocal was fine, slight pich problems, but you need to find a happy medium." Bill commented "I've directed West Side Story in the West End, and I'm in trouble here, because you took hold of it, and gave it your own interpretation, and it was the wrong one - I'm sorry it was the wrong interpretation. That is not what the song's about. It is a simple song, that is why the words are simple. It is a 'head song' - you should have sung it to yourself. I hope you're here next week so you can do better." Zoe said "Johndeep, I said to you please don't do - 'Could it be' [gasp of air] 'Yes it could' [gasp of air] - you did it all the way through, it was really off putting. I love your voice, you have a beautiful, beautiful voice - I've said that to you at least five times - it wasn't a bad vocal, there where tuning problems a few times, but it wasn't bad." Concluding the comments Andrew said "I've heard that song so many times, and I must say I've heard it sung better. But it is an incredibly hard song to sing, and as you are so new to this game, don't give up on it just now, but I have heard it sung better." After all 12 Joseph finalists had sung, Graham Norton asked the panel of Judges who they thought should go this week - both John Barrowman and Bill Kenwright said they thought that Johndeep More should go. Then, when all the public votes had been added up, it was announced that Johndeep had come second from bottom along with Chris Barton, who had come bottom - so they had to do the 'sing-off' afterwhich Andrew Lloyd Webber would use his casting vote, and save one. They sung a joint rendition of the Beatles song 'Let It Be'. Afterwards, Andrew Lloyd Webber said: "This is not the right result tonight. This puts me in a very difficult position because both of you really should be with us. I suppose I've got to think who in the end is likiest to play Joseph. So in the end, I'll save Chris." Thus Johndeep had to say goodbye - and in conclusion he sung 'Close Every Door' along with the 10 remaining Josephs. After the show, Johndeep said: "It's been a rollercoaster ride, but the experience I've had has boosted my confidence in my ability to perform, and made me even more determined to make it."

14 April 2007: This week was the first of the BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows. Johndeep Moer sung the song If There's Any Justice. Afterwards John Barowman said: "I think Johndeep deserves to be here next week, but tonight I was rather disappointed. It was a great performance, you've got a great look, a great voice but tonight I just thought it was bland. Denise van Outen said "I totally disagree with you about Johndeep. I think that was a fantastic performance" while Zoe Tyler said, "As we say in Birmingham, tonight you were busting and you did it for us Brummies." After all the votes where added up it was announced that Johndeep had secured enough votes to go through to next week's programme of Any Dream Will Do.