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Chris Crosby

Chris Crosby

Any Dream Will Do Joseph finalist Chris Crosby, who is 18, is originally from Nottingham, although he is now living in Notting Hill, London.

Sorry Chris Crosby - you're not Joseph. Chris was voted out on the first 'knock-out' television show on Saturday 14 April 2007. Afterwards Chris said: "It's been an amazing experience - I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to work with such talented people. I can't express how much I've learnt."

Chris moved to London when he was 13 when he was awarded a place at the Silvia Young Theatre School. Chris currently works as clothes shop sales assistant.

Chris plays the piano and enjoys sports including golf, basketball and tennis. Chris says "I think I deserve to be Joseph because I believe I bring a contemporary edge to the role. With my soulful, pop voice, I think that I could bring the show up to date," adding that "When I left the school I kind of lost, not inerest, but just faith in what I was doing. I was at a pretty low point in my life and a friend of mine and his family invited me to go up to this church and I was quite pessimistic about the whole thing but at the end of the service, a lady next to me, who I'd never met before in my life, just turned to me and, tears in her eyes, said to me to 'just follow Josep'. I do truly believe it was a sign. I'm here now in the final 12, it just makes you think it has to be more than just a bit of coincidence."

Chris C attended the auditions in London. Even after the final concert held at the Abymill Theatre in Ireland, the Judges had great difficulty in choosing who would be in the final 12 Joseph hopefuls and Chris C had to go back and sing in front of the Judges - then in a nail-biting finish, Chris C and Alistair where the last two left, with just one place in the final remaining! But Andrew Lloyd Webber told Chris C that he was through to the final 12 - the last one to be selected! Will Chris C be Joseph in the new stage production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Adelphi Theatre in London?

14 April 2007: At the first of the BBC Any Dream Will Do 'knock-out' shows Chris Crosby sang This Love. Afterwards Denise van Outen said: "Chris, I like you a lot, you're very different, and you're a pop performer, which I love to see, and of course we are looking for something different for the West End for Joseph this year. My only concern is you do look a little bit young. And yes, I've imagined you in a loin cloth, and I'm slightly concerned that maybe you'll look like baby Joseph in a nappy. I just want to see something a little bit more manly from you, and I think you just need to get on the protein shakes." Bill Kenwright said, "I think you're exactly what Andrew is looking for. But I long for you to loosen up and focus a bit more. I long for you to smile, you've got a great smile, I've seen you for a few weeks now, you look a litle bit in pain to me. You've got a great smile - you're using it now - enjoy it, this big moment." Zoe Tyler added: "Chris, that was a really really hard song to sing, we've been over this in vocal class with me - I think you did a great job of it." After all 12 Joseph finalists had sung, Graham Norton asked the panel of Judges who they thought should go this week - Bill said he thought that Chris Crosby should go. Then, when all the public votes had been added up, it was announced that Chris had come bottom along with Ben Ellis, who had come second from bottom - so they had to do the 'sing-off' afterwhich Andrew Lloyd Webber would use his casting vote, and save one. They sung a joint rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel song 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. Afterwards, Andrew Lloyd Webber said: "It's a horrible situation as the standard is so high this year, but I'm going to save Ben." So Chris had to say goodbye - he joined the other 11 remaining Joseph hopefuls in a rendition of 'Close Every Door' from the musical Joseph. Chris Crosby said after the show: "It's been an amazing experience - I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to work with such talented people. I can't express how much I've learnt."