Grease is the Word
Danny: Anthony Kavanagh - Bradley Clarkson - Danny Bayne - Danny Rhodes - Michael Quinn - Richard Morgan - Tom Bradley - Wayne Smith
Sandy: Alison Crawford - Hayley Clarke - Joanna Power - Kate Somerset-How - Lauren MccCnnell - Michelle Antrobus - Susan McFadden - Vicky Hoyles

Kate Somerset-How

Kate Somerset How was one of eight finalists in the television programme Grease is the Word who where competing for the chance to play the role of 'Sandy' in Grease the Musical on stage in London's West End theatreland.

Sorry Kate Somerset-How - you're not Sandy. Kate was the first 'Sandy' hopeful to be knock out along with 'Danny' hopeful Tom on Saturday 28 April 2007.

Kate Somerset-How is a 23 year old gym receptionist from London. Kate says: "David Gest disliked all aspects of my performance and that spurred me on to change his mind during Bootcamp."

Saturday 28 April 2007: This week was the first of the live Grease is the Word television shows when one set of finalists where knocked-out. This week's theme was disco and Kate Somerset-How was paired up with Tom Bradley - they sung 'Blame It On The Boogie'. Once all the public votes had been added up it was announced that Kate and Tom where in the bottom two, along with Michelle Antrobus and Bradley Clarkson. So they had to do the sing-off - each couple had to sing a song from Grease and the Judges then had to decide which couple they wanted to save. This week the song was 'You're The Once That I Want'. After both couples had sung, the Judges announced that they where going to save Michelle and Bradley - which means that Kate and Tom had to leave.